Candidate Yanks Mic Away From Opponent

Candidate Yanks Mic Away From Opponent Click to Enlarge Photo: YouTube

(AP) — A Minnesota state lawmaker is apologizing after he yanked a microphone from the hand of his Democratic challenger during a forum that was livestreamed over the internet.

Jamie Mahlberg appeared startled when Rep. Duane Quam grabbed the microphone from her on Monday night. Quam then rebutted a point Mahlberg had made about education funding.

When Quam then offered the microphone back, Mahlberg did not take it. Quam then dropped it in front of her. Watch:

Video of the incident circulated widely on social media, with some calling Quam's behavior "boorish" or "bullying."

Quam apologized in a Facebook message to the Rochester Post-Bulletin , saying he respects Mahlberg. He says his nerves got the best of him as his responses were timed and he wasn't as graceful as he should have been.

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