Businesses Battling Counterfeiters

Businesses Battling Counterfeiters Click to Enlarge Photo: Steven Coursolle (KNSI)

(KNSI) - St. Cloud businesses are implementing policies and technology so they don't fall prey to counterfeit money.

The Subway on University Drive and Burger King on Lincoln Avenue SE are no longer accepting $50 and $100 bills because of people using counterfeit bills.

Managers at those businesses say the counterfeiters use the fake bills to buy a couple of cheap items to try and get back as much money in change as they can.

Managers at those restaurants haven't seen any counterfeit money since they stopped accepting large bills.

It's not just new policies businesses are using, Taco Bell and SuperAmerica use drop safes that identify whether large bills are real or not.

From there, businesses will call police and try to keep the suspected counterfeiters in the store in police arrive.

A few managers that KNSI News spoke with say people who try and pass fake bills are getting smarter.

Counterfeiters will bleach dollar bills and print a higher denomination on them so they can't be as easily identified by specialized markers.

The St. Cloud Police Department says arresting and prosecuting people that pass fake bills can be difficult.

Crime prevention specialist John Justin says suspects often say they didn't know the money was fake and it can be hard to prove otherwise.

One person was charged and convicted for passing fake bills at KFC in Waite Park.

Click here for tips from police on how to spot a fake.

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