Big Island Outbreak Rises to 172 Affected

Big Island Outbreak Rises to 172 Affected Click to Enlarge Photo: Big Island Lake Minnetonka (facebook)

(KNSI) - The number of people sick from an outbreak linked to Big Island on Lake Minnetonka has risen to 172.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, officials received reports of vomiting and diarrhea after spending time at the party spot on Lake Minnetonka. What started as a few reports turned into over 200.

During a press conference on Friday, officials stated the increase of reported illnesses is not likely the result of disease transmission. Officials say it is not an E. coli outbreak because the symptoms would have been much more severe.

Hennepin County Public Health has interviewed 225 people who reported illnesses. Of those, 172 have had symptoms of vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Officials believe the outbreak is linked to something in the lake water which was ingested by those at the lake. A possible cause includes fecal matter in the water from someone carrying an infection.

There have been no new illnesses reported since the Fourth of July gathering at the location and officials say there is not an ongoing risk.

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